About Him

Born in 1975 in Brownsville, Texas, Alvarez has developed over the last decade a signature style based on dream images and the subconscious. His palette is a sophisticated blend of bright circus colors and the muted hues of stormy weather. This constant dichotomy between light and dark in color as well as subject matter creates something both otherworldly and lifelike. Amusing clowns, giraffes, bumblebees, and balloons float past somber monsters and flames that speak of illness and death. In the unpredictable patterns of life, he hints at the mysteries of the afterlife. Continually searching through his canvases, Alvarez draws from deep within his imagination.

Exhibition at McAllen Public Library

June 25 - September 10, 2017

Exposition at The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art

"Exposition: Other Worlds"

(August 2010)

"Laura Ochoa's talk on Oscar Alvarez for Ole Television"

(September 2010)


Collaboration with (artist) "Cande Aguilar"